Sunday, December 26, 2010

Painting a Day, Cardboard Bird Art

Welcome to my Artist Blog! I'm a Pennsylvania Artist who has decided to challenge myself to A Painting A Day 100 Day Challenge. Yes that's right, I'm challenging myself to create one painting everyday for the next 100 days. I will be documenting my journey in this blog. My Paintings will vary in size, style, genre, and medium. I hope to improve my skills and share what I have learned. My Travels will be documented, as well as, weather phenomenon, my living environment, my Pets, the Wildlife that I encounter, and whatever else inspires me. Eventually the originals will all be posted for sale...check back for updates. I will also be posting reproduction products of the images on my various web sites.
Day Nine:
Birds. Birds are a favorite subject matter of mine. This Painting is a work in progress. My first experiment using Cardboard as my painting surface. I built up the painting surface with cardboard as well to give it a 2D effect. The ground that I chose to use didn't work out very well, because it kept lifting up as I was applying paint. The image that you see is just a base coat of oil paint. However I was pleased to discover that oil paints dry very quickly on this surface. Now that this is dry I'm going to try and go back into it again. With any luck it will be easier to paint on. And my experimentation continues....
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