Culinary Catastrophies

Oh Yeah, it's a Beautiful Day! We're goin' on a picnic...YAY! I'm working hard to prepare the vittles in advance. Using my best tableware. Made a cute table cloth and napkins just for the occasion! Can't forget the centerpiece! Everthings p u r r f e q t!
We're at the family is enjoying the fun and games. I'm busy setting up my showcase display on the picnic table...perfection...Martha would be proud! I'm thinking of photographing the table to send to a womans mag. I'm almost ready to call my family over for the feast. But I need to add that last finishing touch...a sprinkle of Paprika.
And suddenly the paprika starts moving! The next thing I know its marching in unison across the table! The ANTS go marching one by one... I swear I see one twitching his antenna in a mock salute...and a high pitched little laugh. "Thanks for the grub, bub!"