Who Loves Cats and Why part 1

I would love to hear your Cat stories...post them here :)

here's my original painting and here's my story:

I’ve always liked cats. As a child, I used to play with all of the feral kittens running around a relative’s farm… coming home covered with claw marks and ringworm. One of my pets was one BAD kitty named Buttons, a silver tabby tom who didn’t like anyone but me! This cat took NO guff. I was the only human privileged enough to sit in his favorite chair, and he would wrap himself around the ankles of any other trespasser and claw and bite their ankles. Either that or launch himself airborne at the offender, who would recoil in terror of 18 pounds of angry cat flying in their face. I spent many pleasant afternoons watching Buttons chase a neighbor’s dog, tail tucked between its legs, round our house yelping in fear!

The result of years of hanging out with bad kittys is that my husband says I have a cat-like attitude. That plus the fact I like old Egyptian artifacts… my husband says it reminds me of the good old days, when the Egyptians treated their cats like gods. Almost like Buttons and his “throne”.