Friday, April 23, 2010

Treat Your Shop Like a Business part 1


1) Creating new products is key to your online selling success.

2) Try to have a full shop, take excellent photographs, and promote in as many ways as you can.

3) The internet has a wealth of information about business topics. Do a Search, and learn as much as you can.

4) When creating descriptions for your items, ask yourself...Why would people be interested in my products?
What aspects of my product would be the biggest selling point?

5) Social Networking:
Where does my target market hang out on the internet?
Where is the best place to join in the community and promote?

6) Make the most of your keywords. Use ALL of them. Think of all the possible search words that you think someone might type in to find your item and tag your items accordingly. Tag colors, your shop name, key selling points (free shipping, eco friendly, etc.), important materials (sterling silver, cashmere, etc.) and descriptive words (soft, shiny, classy, funky, retro, etc). Watch your spelling when tagging your items.

7) Create new items and renew items frequently so that you remain present in the searches. Don't get buried in the Searches. The more times you show up the more likely potential customers are to find your shop.

8) Shops that are filled out have a more professional appearance, like you are running a business rather than a hobby.

9) Don't list all of your items at once. More listings spaced out have your shop show up more frequently in the searches, bringing more people to your shop. And you are less likely to get buried in the listings.

10) More variety means more choice for your customers. The more items you have, the more likely someone is to fall in love with an item and take it home.

11) Utilize those categories. Title your shop sections well, so that your buyers can easily find everything in your shop.

12) Diversify your product line. Variety is the spice of life. Additional product lines allow you to list in multiple categories, which allows you to draw people to your shop from multiple searches. If your products are complimentary, it encourages people to find something in your shop they didn't realize they wanted when they typed in the original search. Consistently look at your products and ask yourself:
-Is there a complementary line of products I can also sell?
-Can I make this product in more sizes or colors or patterns?
-Can I offer more products in different price ranges?

13) Make a high quality product. If your customers are delighted with your products they will come back for more and refer more people to your shop. This is free advertising, and the more people they send your way, the fewer you have to find yourself.
-Pay attention to details
-Use high quality materials

14) Provide excellent customer service. Each customer that you take care of well and comes back, is one customer you don't have to find.
-Treat your customers as you would like to be treated.
-Check your email at least once a day, if not more often
-Be professional, polite, and kind.
-Ship quickly
-Maintain communication. If something is taking a while, keep them updated. Let your customers know when their items have been shipped.

It is not as simple as creating something and listing it.

I hope that this helps :)

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  1. Yes! This list was helpful indeed. we have to be artists AND mini moguls when you think about it, running all aspects of the business AND producing the product, its easy to get lost in all of that sometimes and good to have a list of reminders of ways to always be improving. thanks!