Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blogger Follower Tutorial

Listing Blogs to Follow:

Just some simple instructions to help you learn how to "Follow" a Blogger Blog. Organization is key. I like to collect all of blog links that I want to add to my Follow list in advance. It makes listing a snap. Example

1) Log In
2) Do Not leave this page.
3) Scroll Down
4) You do not have to visit individual blogs to add them to your "Follow" list. Just scroll down to "Reading
List" and click on the "ADD" Button.
5) Type in the Blog URL and click "Next"
6) click "Follow"
7) Voila you're done!

If your "ADD" Button doesn't seem to be coming on the "Manage" Button which is right next to it.
When that page comes up....scroll down to the bottom of the the "ADD" Button......type in the Blog URL and hit "NEXT" then hit "Follow."

Check out this link for more detailed instructions and photo's:

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