Friday, April 23, 2010

Photography Tips 1

Photographing your merchandise is key to a sale. When browsing through shops on the internet, I have noticed washout caused by flash, and brownish photos due to too much red. Learning how to use a digital camera and getting the right shot for internet selling takes time and practice.

You should set up an area in your home specific for photographing your merchandise. Or find some interesting spots outside for utilizing natural scenery. I have found that a box lined with white poster board works very well. Or you can invest in a professional version of this...a light box. If the item is light colored I use a dark colored background so it shows up better. Natural daylight is best, or you can invest in lamps which reproduce natural light.

You have to learn how your flash works. Many times I actually turn off the flash to prevent washout. The reddish or yellowish tint to your photo is caused by too much color in the room reflecting back into the photo. That is why I suggest using the white poster board. However, you can use your photo editing program to adjust the contrast, brightness, and color to remove the unwanted tints. A photo that is out of focus has to be retaken. Adjust the distance from the item you are photographing.

Hope this is helpful :)

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  1. yes, this post was helpful as well, but photographing my items is something that I'm still struggling with. I HATE having to photograph my own work, it seems like so much trouble after I've spent all that time making it! I've finallly gotten the adjustments on my camera right and just last week i discovered that photographing my items in front of a golden curtain with natural full sun shining through the back of it seems to work best for creating a nice white background, oddly enough. thanks