Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet Hogwild the Pet Pig

That little girl was a cull piglet from a large facility. She was given to me the day she was to be culled…She was a runt, pretty beat up and had pnemonia. We almost lost her twice. She was so loveable when she was little and was raised with a new liter of puppies we had. She still thinks she’s a dog. She’d cuddle up with the mother and sleep with the pups. She used to jump right into my lap.
One night a couple weeks after we’d gotten her pnemonia came back. My husband was trying to prepare me that she wouldn’t be around in the morning. Well my husband admits to this now, but he said a prayer and asked the big guy if he spared her, we’d never butcher her….
Well she was still around in the morning, and by afternoon, her old self. 6 months later, she is my best pal. She walks with me every day, jumps trees, barks, and chases cars. She’s 200 pounds. She is so funny and loveable she has visitors in the barn to see her all the time
No matter where we are, if a yell “hogwild” she’ll run like crazy back to her barn. She is hilarious when she runs and remarkably fast
She big enough to breed, so hopefully ( i’m new at this) we can get her bred soon and she’ll have her own piglets in late spring!

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  1. Aww how cute :) She is adorable too :)

    All things nice...

  2. What a beautiful story! Pigs are known to be clean and so smart ..