Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wetter is Better by cardartfromtheheart

They always want to pigeon-hole us, don't they?  Are you an A,B,C or D?  Perhaps I'm none of the above, or perhaps I'm all of the above.  I have found within both my writing communities and my photography communities, most of us have overlaps.  This hub will center around these two niches of mine, as I cannot separate one from the other.  So whether you are a Writer or a Photographer (or both!) you should find food for thought in these pages.

My first tip for the Photographer is to "Get your feet wet!"  Take a close look at my first photo, the Sharp Shinned Hawk.  He's cold, wet and hungry... Which is exactly what the photographer had to also be in order to capture this image.  The brilliantly colored autumn leaves hint at the coolness of the day, while the evergreen boughs dripping with raindrops, accentuate the cold; almost make you shiver.  Don't worry about it being a cloudy day; the wetness of everything gives your film much more saturated color to work with than any old clear, sunny day.  Then too, don't be afraid to use your photo software to best advantage.
The bit of wisdom my Sharp Shinned Hawk has, I hope, impressed upon you is this:  Wetter is Better!

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  1. Cheers from New Zealand, thanks for stopping by my blog,"Happy days" Marie