Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lucky the Cat by GrantGreetings

Three days ago my husband heard a kitten crying out from underneath our new house, which is not yet finished. As he was working, he heard the cries of a kitten and came and got me to go with him to check it out. It was already dark so we had to get a flashlight. We went underneath the new house knocking down spider webs all the way. As we got to the narrowest end underneath the house we saw three kittens all scattered about. One was moving all around and crying, the other two were still and quiet. Both of them started moving around a little and crying too. They all were very cold seeing how they were just born and still had their umbilical cords attached. I immediately grabbed all three of them up and took them in and put them in a tote with a heat lamp over them. I knew just what to do with newborns from raising puppies for over ten years. So, I let them get good and warm for about an hour and went back to check on them and all three were moving around and crying. So, I warmed up some milk and hand-fed everyone of them. They all ate good, an entire 3 cc’s. I fed them every three hours that first night.
The next morning I noticed that one of them didn’t want to eat. By that afternoon it was gone. But, I tried to look on the bright side; I still had two little ones to save. So, I continued to feed them, make them use the bathroom (which is something the mother usually does) and gave them all the warmth and love that I could.
But, I kept my chin up and kept on trying to save the last kitten. After all, it was the one calling out for our help that we heard that night. I continued to feed it around the clock and played like I was its mommy. It cried a lot knowing that it was the only one left inside that great big warm tote, but it continued to grow stronger standing on all fours and wobbling all around. It had a hearty appetite putting down 7 1/2 cc’s. With a growing belly and an even louder cry it made it through another day.
Now, at three days old, this one little tiny kitten who calls me mommy now, has a real chance of making it. It’s eating, crying, growing and even purring when I hold it close and pet it. If this little one does in fact make it, I plan to name it “Lucky” because it truly is.

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  1. What a beautiful story. I love animals and this touched my heart.. hang in there Lucky