Monday, April 26, 2010

Bird Chronicles part 1

Are you a Duck lover? Had any Duck encounters? I'd love to hear about it! Post here...

I know of few people who don't like to see a mother duck and her brood. There's something sweet about the protective mother chaperoning her chicks through a field, in a stream, even in a city. I had the opportunity to watch this little family happily swimming about.


  1. I think they are so sweet,too. When I was walking through Boston Commons a few years ago I came upon a darling sculpture of a mother duck and her ducklings walking along, as though they had wandered over to the path. They just blended in so well....very delightful. Don't have any really good duck stories to tell.

  2. I LOVE ducks! One of the places we love to camp is by a remote lake. We were on the lake one day in our canoe and there was a mama duck swimming with her brood. We were amazed at how fast the little ducklings could paddle.