Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gardening Tips part 3, Art Project

This Gardening Project is for persons 18 years or older!
Something to think about while planning your Spring Garden. Pumpkins are fun to grow! Did you know that you can create designs on them even before they are harvested? Here's an Art Project for you...
Yes, you can turn your Pumpkins into works of ART! After your pumpkin vines produce fruit you can draw on them with a permanent magic marker. Keep in mind that the fruit will come off of the vine super easily  :(
So I don't recommend trying to pick up the fruit to draw on it. Where it lays you can carefully draw on the exposed side.  Its fun to write your name, create a design, etc... As the pumpkin grows the area with the magic marker writing produces scar tissue that grows over your writing/drawing. It essentially becomes apart of the pumpkin itself.  
The Pumpkins are for decorative use only! I don't recommend eating them!
If you try this....Contact Me and I'll tell you how to send Photo's of your Pumpkins to's of your pumpkins after they are fully grown and have been harvested!!! I would Love to see them, and add them to my Blog!
Have Fun!
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