Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shipping Tips

I printed my label for a 2 bulky ounce item in a 5 by 7 inch bubble wrap envelope through Paypal. Dropped it off at the post office and got it back the next day with a label saying that the price paid for shipping had to be shown on 1st class mail (I had paid for 1st class parcel). After going through 2 different phone services with USPS they admitted I had paid the correct amount, but put the blame on Paypal and said that they wouldn’t issue a refund because it had gone through Paypal. Fortunately, a very nice man with Paypal did. He also informed me that the post office online or in person will never refund a Paypal shipping fee if it has been scanned into the system and then returned.

So I took the new re-labeled and repackaged envelope back to the post office with the ruined one and asked them why they had returned it. It seems that if it is under 3 ounces they can’t tell by the Paypal shipping label whether it is going 1st class mail or 1st class parcel and unless the price is shown it will be returned if it fits the 1st class parcel criteria. So a lesson learned – if you are shipping a 1st class parcel envelope under 3 ounces print the amount paid on the shipping label. By the way, if you forget to print the postage paid on the label it can simply be handwritten under the NO SURCHARGE and it will be processed that way.

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