Monday, January 17, 2011

Rescued Cat here is SOPHIE’S STORY

At a garage sale in a box meowing, came the call.  First it was ignored and later acknowledged.  One look into her eyes and I just melted. That is how I felt when I saw this sweet God-Created creature in a box bigger than what she could climb out of.  But I was afraid to take her, as nine months before, I lost my beautiful “Paulie Paw-Paw” cat that occupied my time and attention and I didn’t want another cat.  He died on my deck resting in the sun by two roaming Pit-Bull mixture dogs, as I tried to help him and couldn’t for fear of being attacked myself.  So the guilt lay for me and I was not in the mental state for any other animal, as his memory still lingered painfully in my mind.
Then these sweet children showed up with a surprise; in the knowing of my horrific loss of my Paulie, and seeing my compassion for this precious kitty that I had so much admired in the large box where all you could see were her big yellow-golden eyes.  “She is for you,” the small boy said.  “No one wanted her at the garage sale, and they were going to throw her away since you didn’t take her.”  I trembled at that wicked thought of disposing an animal just because no one wanted it, and it was too much trouble for them to keep.
She was so tiny.  I guessed her age at 5 weeks, weighing less than 2 pounds.  I picked her up and felt every little bone in her frail and undernourished body.  She meowed and snuggled under my armpit for warmth and fell asleep in the comfort of being held.  So I rescued her from her garage sale box dilemma and thanked the children for bringing her to me.  The children asked if they could return to see her, as they too, felt it wrong how she had been treated.  I praised them for their concern and told them that they were welcomed anytime to visit her.
Sophie is her name.  She came to me from an uncaring situation, only wanting to be needed and cared for and loved.  She had horrible ear mites and fleas, but nothing serious.  She got her yearly exam and is having the time of her life in pursuing every nook and cranny.  She’s grown into a very smart and beautiful cat.  She enjoys her toys and especially her catnip.  She has a playmate now and they are the best of friends, McIntosh is his name.  His situation was nothing like hers and the both of them together can really bring a strange thing to ones face, it’s called a “SMILE.”  I love my Sophie!
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