Saturday, January 1, 2011

Photography Tips

I just ‘discovered’ something that might help others. I saw a few mentions of it in a search but here is my slant on it.
I have been using my camera for ALL photos for quite some time now. I sold many vinyl LP’s and tons of CD’s that way. But, the photos were always a little skewed one way or the other due to parallax errors. I decided once to try scanning in a book. What a difference! Not only was it straight but the colors were much better, too. And SHARP. So, now I am changing my listings to use scanned photos wherever possible. It just looks a whole more professional. Yeah, it’s kind of time consuming, but I think the overall results are just much better. I scan them in to a folder that I call Scanned Online Items, and I can use the same images in other venues, as well. Unfortunately I could not have used this method for my vinyl LP’s as they were just too big. Years ago there was software to knit two scans together but I haven’t seen it in a long time.
I hope this helps someone else.
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