Monday, January 31, 2011

Gardening Tips, Growing Corn

Thinking of Spring?

So you want to plant corn. Corn requires a lot of space to grow. Here's a way that you can better utilize your space while detering Raccoons from feasting on your harvest.
Keep in mind that corn must be planted in rows of atleast 10 plants per row, with atleast 6 rows of plants that are spaced about 2 feet apart....these are minimum requirements and it doesn't guarantee that you will produce may need more plants and more rows. Gardening is done by trial and error.  
After you have planted your corn, and it has grown to about 3-6 inches can plant pole beans and squash/pumpkins too  :)
Very C A R E F U L L Y plant your pole bean seeds in a circle around each corn stalk. The corn stalk will act as a trellis for your beans. As they grow train your beans to grow up the corn stalks.
then plant your squash/pumpkin seeds in a circle around your pole bean seeds. As the squash grows you will have to train it to grow in a circle around your corn stalk. When the plants produce flowers and later fruit you must be Super C A R E F U L when moving the vines...OR your flower/fruit will fall off of the vine  :(
Raccoons little padded paws are sensitive. They don't like stepping on the pricklies that grow on squash vines. So this helps to keep them from feasting on your corn. Its a better way that you can co-exist with these cute little critters  :)   After all we have moved into their Front Yard!
Raccoons and Skunks also like squash/pumpkins  :)   Sprinkle Cayenne pepper around the fruit to help deter them. This will need to be refreshed often. You can also try spraying Fox pee near the fruit...but NOT directly on your plants! 
Happy Gardening!

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