Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crimson Mutt Pet Story

The story of Copper can not be told without the story of his Princess Shelby.
It all came about through an arranged Marriage. We had purchased our most special girl Shelby in May of 2003.
It was too hot in Arizona for the animals to fly in by plane, so we had her sent to California where we could take a plane and rent a car to bring her back to our house in Arizona.
    Shelby was the most Beautiful, Lovable, Well Mannered Newfoundland puppy you could ever meet.
She of course for her actions got nothing but the best. The best Dog Food, Treats and Toys. Toys so many you could have made a vehicle payment with the amount we spent on her.  We loved Shelby so much that her bed was a King Sized Feather Blanket. She would circle and pull it in just the right way and sleep and sleep and snore!
    Shelby went just about everywhere with us, weather permitting. My son would play wrestle with her and chase each other around the house. They were both about the same size. Shelby would take his hand in her mouth and lead him around. Boy how he would laugh. They would dance together, play and sleep together, on the blanket or on the couch it made no difference.

    Now myself being such a lover of puppies got the best idea ever. Let's get a boy!!

   We made the call to find the right one that was compatible well papered and was BLACK.  Copper was who our lady suggested and he was Bronze, 4 months old and could be flown to Arizona at that time of year.  O K !! I sent the money and we made the plans for an evening flight and in came Copper. As pretty as a shiny penney.

   We picked him up and brought him home and ......He was Scared and Shy and was not at all House Trained.

   The work that we put into him!! Well of course we loved Copper. He was special, He was ours!!!

  We came home one afternoon to snow in our back yard!! Pushing 100 degrees that would have been better than Shelby's most beloved King Sized Feather Blanket!!!!  Copper looked GUILTY!!!

   We waited 2 years to breed them, made sure they were of breeding quality (HIPS, Heart, Etc...). Keeping the two of them apart was at times heartbreaking. They would howl and cry. They had such a Love for each other, inseparable. The first litter finally arrived with 11 puppies!!! Copper stayed close by in case he was needed. As it turned out they all came out BLACK with a little white on each of their chest. 1 1/4 pounds to 1 1/2 pounds each. It was a 14 hour Delivery.

   We did not breed Copper and Shelby too much as we just owned expensive pets.  Four litters was wonderful each with there own story.

   The best story that I can remember is when our neighborhood was having some kind of a problem. The Cops were everywhere and
the Helicopter was searching. It was about 2:30 in the morning. Our dogs were going crazy!!!! Jumping up against the 6 foot wood fence.
They were trying to get after something!! Then we saw the cops running with their guns in hand. I told one of them that there was someone in the neighbors back yard. The Cop went around to see and then all of the sudden some guy was going to climb the fence into our yard. Copper and Shelby just were not going to let that happen without someone getting hurt!  The guy took one look at what he was up against and put his hands in the air and gave himself up to the Police.

Today we live in New Mexico and our Little Village is very quiet!!! Shelby and Copper are still inseparable. She washes his face and they sleep together in the same dog house. I do not know how he puts up with her SNORING, you can hear it all through the house at night.
They are almost 8 years old now and they haven't had any children since they last batch almost killed Shelby a couple of years ago.
The Little Black Newfoundland is a Picture of the one we had to Bottle Feed. We named him SEVEN because of the white 7 on his chest.

I still cook for them  and make them special dog treats. I worry about the time I have left with them. But I worry more about what will happen when there is only one left. I don't know who will be the most heart broke.
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