Sunday, December 5, 2010

Twitter Tips


by now most of you have heard of Twitter. and if you are not using it yet, why not?!

of all the social networking sites I use (Flickr, blogs, etc), I have seen the biggest results with Twitter.

I can count about 10 sales so far (of my 75 total) from customers who found me via Twitter. In fact, I just got one the other day :)

here's why Twitter works:

you can reach a LARGE amount of people with minimal effort! (be sure to not "protect" your updates, or else they will not appear in the public timeline).

and actually, a large number of those Twitter sales came from people who had never even heard of Etsy before! they saw my items, liked them enough to sign up, and made a purchase! isn't that wonderful?! :)

I spend most of my time "promoting" more on Twitter than anywhere else. a lot of people may frequent the forums here on Etsy, or chat, or take out ads on sites like CraftCult. here's the thing though -- mostly it's just sellers who know about these. and we all know that we are usually looking to sell, not buy! ;)

Twitter reaches soooo many different people. and who knows, one of them might like something enough to make a purchase!

a few quick tips:
-- participate! @ reply to people and get talking!
-- don't "spam", i.e. posting nothing but link after link. people are less likely to click on anything you post if it's ALL you post
-- follow people back! you don't have to follow anyone you don't feel comfortable following, but a lot of people DO unfollow those who don't follow back
-- follow @Etsy and check out who they are following and who's following them!
-- ask questions of your followers! tweet something like, "what are you working on today?" or "what did you have for dinner?" anything to interact and get the ball rolling!
-- be sure to post a link to your shop in your bio page, and also use keywords. I have had a lot of people on Twitter find me by searching Twitter for "jewelry" or "photography".

basically, Twitter is a wonderful marketing tool! it's quick (only 140 characters allowed!) and it's fun too. a great time-waster ;) and hey, if you make some sales with it, fabulous! also, it's free. :)

you can follow me here:

I look forward to tweeting with you all! :)

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  1. Interesting post. Never thought about Twitter as a marketing tool (but then I've never used Twitter!).