Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't Think...Just Shoot by cardartfromtheheart

How many times have focused perfectly on that lovely, rare bird, been ready to press the shutter and 'oops' off he flies? Or the one photo, the bride tells you, not to miss is The kiss. Okay, you have it all lined up, focused properly, lighting right, they are going for the kiss, your finger hovers over the shutter button, and the bride drops her bouquet! Quick, Snap it!
Don't miss the unexpected treasures. Just because you were looking for a ruby, don't throw out the diamond! If you catch that lovely, rare bird in mid-flight across that Colorado Blue Spruce frosted with snow, it's going to make a far more interesting shot than the almost posed one you were shooting for. And the groom all puckered up, while the bride gasps and plunges down to retrieve her cascading floral arrangement.. this will in all likely hood, be the most treasured family heirloom for generations to come. So often, as we say, 'Awww' and drop our camera, we are missing the shot of a lifetime.
It has been my experience that I never have a problem placing one of those accidental photos. Many make good humorous greeting cards for me over at cardartfromtheheart. And they are always the favorites in family albums. So when Mother Nature plays a trick on you, catch her in the act. You won't often be sorry.

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