Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bird Shots by cardartfromtheheart

Now I'm not talking about that pellet ammo that drops a bird from the sky, of course.  I hunt birds with my camera. 
While I am limited in my mobility, the birds I seek are not.  They are wild and free.  I do however have something they desire: a food supply.  I can't tell you how many times a handsome feathered friend has landed on (my) various bird houses and bird feeders.  Often, I have captured his likeness on film, but... Gosh, I really don't like the looks of that bird feeder for a professional photo.
So yesterday, I went shopping for a new birdfeeder/birdhouse pole (and cedar feeders.)  I plan to sink it in the ground just outside my office window--right beside my computer (and desk) so I will be sure to capture a lot more shots. 
That's part one of the plan.  Part two is where I will hopefully find the greatest satisfaction.  I plan to cut Fir boughs and weave them for a blind of sorts.  Not to blind me from the animal in this case, but rather blind the cedar feeders from my camera lens.  This should allow me to capture some outstanding close-up shots of my winter birds 'in the wild.' 

If you decide to try this yourself, please leave a comment and let us know what you did and how well it all worked out, okay?  Thanks!

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