Friday, May 14, 2010

Embroidery Care Instructions

I'm a Woolite girl. To wash hand embroidered items....I recommend hand washing in Woolite using cold water. You can use a tooth brush or small soft brush to clean stains around the embroidered thread. DO NOT use a brush on the embroidered image(s) though! You will ruin the embroidery if you do.

To Dry.....I recommend Air Dry or Line Dry ONLY!

If a hand embroidered item needs to be ironed.....I recommend using a "Pressing Cloth" on the reverse side of the item. Example: If you are ironing a Tote Bag....I recommend using a pressing cloth to iron on the back side of the Tote. Never iron directly on a hand embroidery image! Pressing Cloth's can be purchased at a Fabric Store outlet.

I consider my hand embroidered items to be of heirloom quality. So its important to care for them properly.

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  1. It was nice to read about the care of things handmade! Sometimes people just don't understand that handmade requires CARE